We Are “Do Good – Feel Good” Storytellers

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Developing video games with story since Q1 2021

1st one should be published in Q4 2022

Creating animated movies with meaning

1st batch will be broadcasted in Q2 2022

EU-based (in PISMO, gaming incubator), working remotely

Can I work remotley?

Yes! You can work remotley and with flexible working time.

Are you looking for new team members?

Yes! We would like to add experts in:

– 2D animators (Toon Boom Harmony Pro)

– 3D artists (Blender)

– Unity developers

– Graphic designers

Please use the Contact us to get in touch.



1 Game(s) being developed

1 Animated Movie(s) being developed

7 Team Members

3 Additional Dog Team Members


Radnička ul. 4, 44330 Novska, Croatia

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